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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Total Offender Management?

Total Offender Management is a flexible, comprehensive and affordable solution for corrections companies running pre-release and other community based programs. It aims to give you the tools you need to manage your operations efficiently and to understand your business better.

Who builds and supports Total Offender Management?

Total Offender Management was built by Alternatives, Inc. in Billings, MT. Alternatives has been operating pre-release and community corrections programs for 35 years. This system was built after evaluating (and using) other programs currently on the market.

Who is using Total Offender Management?

Total Offender Management is used at Alternatives for their programs which comprise men's and women's pre-release, transitional living, federal work release and home confinement, and many local community based programs such as misdemeanor probation, electronic monitoring, community service, etc. In addition, 5 other companies are currently using Total Offender Management for similar suites of services.

Will Total Offender Management work for my center?

We can't say for certain whether Total Offender Management is right for your center before we talk. But given our experience, if you're a mid-to-large sized company running community corrections programs then there's a good chance it will. Let's schedule some time to visit about your needs and see if we can work together!

How does licensing work?

Total Offender Management has a tiered pricing schedule that is based on your facility's size and scope of operations. In addition to implementation fees, there is a base licensing fee and then a per-month charge. We would be happy to discuss these in more detail with you.

Is there a trial period?

Given that Total Offender Management is installed locally on your network and the implementation process includes on-site support and training, we do not offer a trial period. We are happy to demonstrate the system for you though so you can make an informed decision on how this system will work at your facility.

What are the system requirements?

Total Offender Management requires your own server running Windows 2008 or later and SQL Server (2008 R2 or later). These software requirements are heavily discounted through TechSoup for non-profit organizations. Users can access Total Offender Management via any PC running the current versions of Internet Explorer or Chrome. Certain features in the system may benefit from the use of signature pads and/or barcode scanners, but these are not required for implementation.

What happens if we don't like using Total Offender Management?

We would be very surprised and slightly disappointed! It's our goal to make this system work for you. So let's talk about what's not working and find some solutions for you. If it really doesn't work out, then you will find converting to another system much simpler since you have all your client data in-house.

Who owns the data in our system?

You do! You can access your data from any tool (e.g., MS Access, Crystal Reports) that works for you. If you ever stop using Total Offender Management, you have all your data on your own server...ready to extract and convert onto the new system of your choosing.

What does implementation look like?

After signing an implementation contract, we will work with you to determine the right hardware and software for your server. Once you procure that, then we will do an on-site visit to learn about your operations and current system, and to configure a training environment. Approximately 1 month later, we will return for conversion, training, and on-site support. You should expect the entire process to take 30-60 days.

Do you have references?

Yes, we have centers that love using Total Offender Management and would be happy to speak with you about it. When we get to that stage of the evaluation process we'll be happy to setup those dialogues for you.

Does Total Offender Management do X, Y or Z?

It's very possible! Take a look at the Features page. If you don't see something you need, let's talk. It's possible that your requirements are already built but just not listed on that page.