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New implementation

In November 2014, Total Offender Management was implemented at another facility. This center runs men’s pre-release, women’s pre-release, and federal work release programs. In total, the center manages around 230 offenders in their facility.

Implementation at Women’s Treatment Center

Total Offender Management has recently been implemented at a 50 bed residential treatment center.

As of November 2013, Total Offender Management is now being used at 5 separate facilities managing approximately 800 offenders in residential programs and 2,400 offenders in community based programs.

Another implementation

In August, we implemented Total Offender Management with a new center. This time, the center is running Misdemeanor Probation, Community Service, and Pre-Trial Supervision programs. Total Offender Management replaced 2 antiquated databases and many completely manual processes.

Two new implementations

Two new pre-release centers have gone live with Total Offender Management. In May, a 200 bed facility comprising men’s and women’s state and federal offenders began using this system. That center also manages a local community service and jail alternatives program. Then, in June, another pre-release facility with approximately 100 offenders went live.

These new facilities mark the first implementations outside of the parent company that developed Total Offender Management. Both companies were replacing older unmanageable systems. The success of those implementations really proves the value of the flexibility built into the Total Offender Management system.

New implementation

On July 29, the second implementation of Total Offender Management went live.  The new organization includes a 180 bed state and federal work release center, and a probation/community corrections center managing around 1500 concurrent clients out of 3 offices.  These centers previously managed their clients using a custom developed Microsoft Access database that was hampered by frequent data corruption issues, inflexibility, and poor usability.

Total Offender Management is Live!

Total Offender Management is now operational in our first center.  This 155 bed center contains 3 separate residential programs – a 65 bed pre-release program, a 40 bed alcohol and drug treatment program, and a 55 bed assessment and sanction center.  The center previously used a hosted application from a Pennsylvania vendor.  The enhanced functionality, flexibility and reporting capabilities have made the implementation a great success.